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Finance Management

In order to finally reach the projected business goal (target), it undoubtly starts out with a well defined Business Plan, being the base for futher steps and initiatives. The correct way often leads through analysis of figures and numbers, facts and work processes. Using our skills and expertise we are more than pleased to be part of the team and reach your goals and objectives. 

Finance Management Services:

• Up- or return to profitable business
• Generating a business- and finance plan by implementing a management- 
  information-system. Also used for restructuring projects.
• Finance- und Budget planning
• Human Resource, planning and control
• Investment analysis, planning and control
• Plan versus Actual comparison-analysis
• Capacity analysis, planning and control
• Sales forecast-, bookings- and revenue analysis referred to sales region, product
  (groups), competition and customer structures
• Growth, generated out of available cash-flow (profitable growth) 

Management Coaching:

• Foundation/Formation Coaching
• Coaching at company take-over planning and/or implementation
• Coaching at company crisis situations (company, departments, etc.) 

Governmental Subsidy:

• Certified Consultants for KfW Mittelstandsbank, credit handling/requests
• Consultancy and Coaching in case of pre-analysis and request for subsidy

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