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Automotive & Technology

With the branch “Automotive & Technology”, a specialism within “Fred Stronk – Strategy Consultants”, the group offers Strategy Consultancy as well as Project Management covering some main challenges within the automotive industry.

With our branch “Automotive & Technology” we aim at corporate headquarters- and plant management concerning corporate strategy, transactions and performance. We are specialized in corporate strategy, customer strategy and organizational strategy. Our services are international.

Technical and organizational consultancy is offered for within production areas with focus at product- and process improvement. Consultancy and project management aims at product quality assurance provided by automated continuous production process analysis and -improvement technology, manufacturing cost reduction- and repair reduction programs. Consultancy areas are: press shop, body in white, paint shop, final assembly, audit and 1st-Tier part- and component manufacturing. We provide a high level of expertise regarding measurement technology and measurement application strategy with: Metrology, machine vision technology, in- and off-line measurement systems, 3-D scanning measurement systems and data analysis technology.
Our automotive industry experience counts already over 25 years and relates directly to  world-wide car manufacturing for: passenger-, luxury- and sportscars, transporters and trucks as well as for very special luxury, high-powered, 3- and 4 wheel cross-over vehicles.

Fred Stronk – Strategy Consultants target groups:

•    car manufacturing industry (cars, trucks, special vehicles)
•    OEM’s, line-builders, system integrators
•    robot manufacturers and integrators
•    1-st- Tier suppliers
•    machine manufacturing industry
•    automotive engineering and -technology providers/suppliers
•    technical universities and –institutes (automotive and mobility)
•    Venture Capitalists with aim at automotive investment

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